Hello and welcome to my new blog!

If you’ve known me before visiting this website, you might be familiar with some of my previous blogs. These blogs never really had any real purpose of direction, so that’s what’s going to change with this one!

I am very passionate about books and reading (the degree I study at university might give this somewhat away: English Literature with Creative Writing). Because I spend so much of my time reading, and I don’t think my YouTube channel is suitable for everything I might want to talk about, I figured I’d start a blog.

I will be writing book reviews, little book hauls when I’ve got some new gems to show and lots of other posts! There might the random post about something other than books, but you’ll

You might also enjoy subscribing to my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/blubimnotafish

In my videos I discuss books I’ve read and am about to read, as well as lots of other things!

Thanks for stopping by – you can expect my first “proper” post soon!




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