The Scorch Trials

scorch trials

The Scorch Trials (dir. by Wes Ball) picks up right where The Maze Runner has left off. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the others have just left the maze and have been led to a safe place. There, they discover their maze was not the only one of its kind and they meet a whole host of other teens like them. Every day, a group of the teens is led away to an unknown place where they’ll be able to restart their lives in safety. Or so they think. Thomas soon finds out their saviours are not what and who they appear, and together with his friends escapes to the Scorch (aka a very large desert) in hopes of finding a safe haven.

First things first: I have not read the books by James Dashner that these films are based on. Therefore, my opinion will solely be of the film!

Throughout the film I was on edge: the tension is introduced almost as soon as Thomas has arrived in this ‘safe place’, and as the plot develops, so does the tension. There are frequent chases and running away from things, as well as guns being fired between different parties.

Furthermore, the tension is kept high due to the constant threat of the unknown: like the characters in this film, we as the audience (unless you’ve read the books) have no idea of what lurks in the desert; why the world is in the state it’s in (because New York City doesn’t turn into a desert overnight); and why Thomas and his friends are sought after. Slowly, a few questions are answered, but enough remains veiled to pull in the audience (me, anyway) for the upcoming third film next year.

One thing I loved about this film was the set, by far. Especially when Thomas and his friends are walking through the remains of NYC: the buildings are falling apart, bridges with cars on them are missing half, and it appears no one lives there anymore. The state that most buildings are in, adds to the desolate feel that is also felt when the group walks all alone through the desert, as well as the tension that is ever-present: the buildings that are still somewhat upright look like they might come crashing down at any given moment – just like the enemy might catch up with the Gladers at any moment.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. If you were to look at this in the simplest way, it’s not very special: just a lot of running and chasing and gun shots fired. However, if you look at it the way it’s presented, with the interesting group dynamic, sacrifices that are made on many different levels and morals that are tested and questioned, as well as the tension I’ve previously mentioned, it’s really a good film.

I know I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the conclusion in this trilogy, The Death Cure, coming out February 2017.

What did you think of the film?




2 thoughts on “The Scorch Trials

  1. melissaverasr says:

    I just watched the film yesterday and I think it was really, really good! I read the first book, but not the second one (wasn’t particularly fond of the author writing tbh)… now I’m thinking of continuing the series =)

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