A Theme Song for Writers

Remember that Pokémon theme song? If you don’t – not to fear, for here it is:

Now, here is my rewritten version that I wrote a while back whilst bearing in mind the struggles and passions writers face daily.

theme song for writers correct version

Power to all the masters of the written word!




Moon Shines Red by Jamie McDell

Now, I’ve known for a while that the Pretty Little Liars production team has a good taste in music and they always add amazing songs to their episodes.

Last week, whilst watching the then newest episode, I heard the song down below. And I loved it. At first, I just thought “oohhh, pretty sounds.” So I looked it up, listened to it on repeat until I began noticing the lyrics. And then I loved it even more.

In a way, the song conveys a lot of the feelings and mood of something that would happen in part 5 of my would-be novel series (I’ve only just started editing the first one, so who knows whether I’ll even make it to the end!) and it’s beautiful. I love the melody, Jamie’s soft voice, everything.

I just wanted to share that. Because it kind of makes me squeal.