My First Blogger Event: #NEBookSwap

Last Thursday, around 12pm, I discovered there was to be a book swap held in Newcastle, that very evening. I asked the organisers for a few details and decided to go – ‘cause why not?

I turned up at Waterstones in intu Metrocentre about six hours later, a canvas tote filled with books to swap and excited to meet some other bloggers from the Newcastle area.

Rhiân, blogger at Chapter and Circle, was the mastermind behind the event, and had collaborated with Fiona, blogger at North East Nerd, to set it up at the book shop – one of the best possible locations, really, for a book swap!


We had been told to bring five to ten books, as well as one wrapped up with a few keywords on the paper relating to the story (by means of providing blind dates with books!). For each unwrapped book we were given a token which we then could put into the books we wanted. At the end of the evening Rhiân and Fiona sorted through the books: if your token was the only one in a book – lucky! And the book was yours. If there were multiple tokens in one book, they were put in a cup and one was pulled out at random.

There was a lot of chatter throughout the evening and we were supplied with sweets, biscuits, a #NEBookSwap cake and tea, coffee and hot chocolate! It was lovely getting to meet new people, discuss the DSC01556books that were going around the table and even playing a few games of 20 Questions and Pictionary (but with book titles of course). There was also a raffle – five tickets could be bought for £4 and all proceeds are going
to Lumos – and I even won one of the prizes: a lovely clutch bag made by Zoe Elizabeth Bags!

The evening ended at 8pm after we’d all chosen our blind book-date and had been given a goody bag. Overall, I had a great time! If you’re into blogging/vlogging and like to meet like-minded people, I would thoroughly recommend going to an event like this if it is ever held in your area.

DSC01555 DSC01554

Big thanks to Rhiân and Fiona for organising the event – and an equally big thanks to UpSide Down Presents, That Gent Mark, Zoe Elizabeth Bags and Inpress Books who were the sponsors of the event and provided the goody bags and raffle gifts.

DSC01568 DSC01574



PS. In case you’re curious about the treasures I brought home, check out the video I made of the event:


Fool me once, shame on you.

I used to write short stories a lot more often than I do now – the ‘Novel’ is my main focus right now – but I quite liked having this change. The story flowed out onto the page and didn’t even require that much editing. Again, very different from the ‘Novel’ I’m working on.

The video above is of me reading a short story called Fool me once, shame on you. I originally wrote this story to submit for the Wicked Young Writers’ Awards – which is the main reason it is this short as the word limit was 750 words – and, having received no prize but still liking it a lot, I decided to make this video with it.

It is certainly very different from anything I’ve ever made before, but I quite like it a lot. Having said that, part of me is just a teeny weeny bit nervous about this video because it’s so different – I also don’t read out loud a lot, so there’s that. But I have decided to just going to roll with it. Wanting to make more ‘film’-like videos, but not really knowing how or what, perhaps this is a good start. And who knows – I might try something like this again in the future.